iPhone Credit Card Reader

iPhone Credit Card Reader

February 2nd, 2011 // 1:07 am @

iPhone Credit Card Reader

One of the best companies out there that has been on the forefront of the iPhone craze is InnerFence.  I personally know these guys and they have come up with a very innovative product that is tremendously simple to use and a marketing strategy that allows the user a worth while experience that currently provides you a free $50 iTunes gift card or a free iphone credit card reader when you sign up!  Check out the February 1-14 offer here.  Their iPhone credit card terminal program has been featured on the TV commercials from Apple and thus should give you confidence that if Apple is backing this product then it must be some good stuff.

There’s plenty of other companies out there doing this stuff and trying to grab a lot of news and attention, but if you want a company that has been around doing this since the original iPhone Apps were around, then these guys are it.

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