Mail & SMTP Troubleshooting

Mail & SMTP Troubleshooting

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Mail & SMTP Troubleshooting

Often times, when there are mail / SMTP issues with mail delivery, there are some basic tools to use.  Here’s some that we really like to use since they’re free and straight forward to figuring out what might be going on besides the standard Telnet Port 25 commands.  Your best bet is to use these tools when you have access to use it within the network while you’re trying to determine mail flow issues.



So Wormly Tools offers a variety of items to utilize an outside IP address in order to test your local systems.  The Test an SMTP Mail Server is a great feature we like to use for creating test messages.  You can use this to verify that your mail gateway is accepting messages for your domain and not an open relay.  Also you can troubleshoot to see if there is a problem or rejection within the mail deliver process.

2. CanYouSeeMe -

CanYouSee me is a very straight forward tool.  This will check to see if any specific ports are open on the IP that you are logging into the site from.  So this works great when you are trying to determine if a firewall rule is working and the server is actually responding to the port opening.  It’s simple, clean, and accurate.

3. MXToolBox -


MXToolBox is probably one of the best websites full of tools for mail / SMTP troubleshooting.  You can enter in a domain, get the MX records, check them for Up or Down status and then check for Open Relays.  You can also create a free account to alert you when an MX record is down and back up.  Just link the alerts to an email address that is not related to your domain that you’re checking since it wouldn’t help you much if the alerts are going to the server that is down.

Comment below if you have any other sites that you like to use.

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