IT Security

Information Security covers a wide range of definitions and products.  We hope to clarify what we do within information security and what information security encompasses.  Our team at Paraguin has done numerous implementations of disk encryption which has grown in importance over the past several years from regulations and protecting intellectual property. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has become from prominent now as we can assist with evaluating, deploying, and training businesses on the benefits of DLP to protect their data from falling into the wrong hands.  We routinely re-evaluate almost every major solution out in the market for Endpoint DLP as well as Endpoint disk encryption.  There are many similarities yet many stark differences from each vendor.

Please contact us if you are looking for assistance in comparing products for their strengths and their weaknesses and which product line may be the best fit for your company.

A list of products we’ve deployed and evaluated:

  • Symantec DLP
  • McAfee DLP
  • Fidelis
  • WebSense DLP
  • WebSense URL Filtering
  • PGP Universal
  • PGP Desktop (Email, Netshare, Whole Disk Encryption)
  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption (EEPC & EEFF) formerly SafeBoot
  • McAfee ePO v4.x
  • Sophos SafeGuard formerly Utimaco
  • Checkpoint Endpoint Encryption formerly PointSec

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