Paraguin offers a variety of services for our clients.  These range from the simple such as a managing weekly backups, to the more complex as in migrating from 2003 to 2008 domain structures for a small business, and then finally to the complex of implementing a full scale enterprise security solution to solve encryption or DLP needs.  Our team consists of individuals with a breadth of experience and many deployments under our belt.  We can assist remotely or on-site as the need may be and can work those off hours when there is down time.  We don’t particularly favor any one product as we definitely understand that every computing environment is very different.  This also means we comprehend that budgets are different, the culture is different, and the solutions done in the past don’t necessarily apply to your environment.

Basic IT Services

In the realm of basic IT services that you normally can receive from your garden variety IT provider, we are called upon mostly for more of the problem solving type of services.  For example, one of our clients ensures we are in the know of a majority of their network and infrastructure as we assist in times of vacation, illness, and taking the load off for projects that require time during the off hours to complete.  We’ve helped our client migrate their AD structure from 2003 to 2008 R2 over the weekend while the local IT person rested up and by the start of the week, he didn’t even notice the main FSMO roles were changed over to the new server.  We also helped that same client implement a backup solution that backs up all the main servers in the environment including the VMware ESX servers that we recommended for consolidation of equipment.

Services Offered:

  • Remote assistance in troubleshooting server and client issues
  • Setting up and configuring WAN, LAN, and Networking solutions
  • Maintaining current infrastructure and recommending / testing next generation ideas that meet future goals
  • Performing off hours work in order to maximize down time of the infrastructure
  • Performing upgrades and implementing backup solutions
  • Websites – to provide companies a presence on the web and recommendations to take advantage of social web

Consulting Services

Consulting services from Paraguin range from phone conference discussions to being subcontracted to perform analysis work for large corporations who want to understand their options from a variety of products.  We’ve done the simple phone conversation and provided our quick advice on how to get started which allows our clients to understand what is involved in a data encryption or DLP project and how we’ve managed these projects in the past.  Other clients may want a better understanding of the field of players and tell us to go and test a set of products with a set of criteria which we expand upon and then provide them with the analysis to help them make their decision.  We’ll give them the pros and the cons of each product they’ve decided to evaluate and help be their resource expert on the topic in order to cut down on their team’s load or to quicken the evaluation process.  Our in-depth knowledge of deploying and implementing in enterprise environments keeps us ahead of the curve with understanding the short falls and items to look out for.

Services offered:

  • General consulting – advice regarding project management of IT security solutions
  • Comparative Analysis – disk encryption and DLP product lines for enterprises
  • On-site deployment – based on schedule and location we can assist with the actual implementation
  • Remote deployment – based on schedule and location we can assist with the implementation remotely (saves cost on travel and schedules can be worked around with easier)

Custom Programming

We here at Paraguin try our best to ensure that we can always provide a solution.  Even if the solution is not part of a traditional product stack due to the lack of interest by other companies or the idea is too new, then we can assist in creating a custom solution that sits on top of multiple operating systems or just Windows and hand over the source code or help maintain the code based on patches and requests.  Contact us to see how we can assist you in solving your business processes with our custom programming solutions.

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